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OPTIMIST "Vermächtnis" 12" VINYL (#250 BLACK)


OPTIMIST "Vermächtnis" 12" VINYL (#250 BLACK)

#250 Black Vinyl

After 4 years the long-awaited, second OPTIMIST Longplayer appears with „Vermächtnis“ and this shows that the Quintett merge the boundaries of their musical elements completely into an incomparable unity. On the ten new songs, the Death Grind sound of OPTIMIST achieves an uncompromising brutality that is unparalleled. Even the inevitable lyrics always seek the direct confrontation take a clear position without raising the fo- refinger. They polarize and are unpleasant at the same time. However, on their new Record „Vermächtnis“ OPTIMIST always remain honest, authentic and somehow optimistic in a very extreme and brutal way.

01. Intro
02. Das Ende Allen Seins
03. Wutrausch
04. Lethargie
05. Abschottung
06. Das Vermächtnis
07. Rattengier
08. Richtwahn
09. Freiheit Zur Folter
10. Eitertränke
11. Opferkult
12. Die Krone Der Schöpfung
13. Du Widerst Mich An
14. Macht Und Herrschaft